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Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5 Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good stuff

I really liked this episode, the only thing was the video was kind of pixelated.

Link vs Samus Link vs Samus

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Too far zoomed out.

I think telling people who don't like sprites not to vote is pretty dumb, in fact it made my want to vote 0, I didn't but I'm guessing other people did. I would advise you don't put stuff like that that in your little bio section, it's most likely hurting your score more than it is helping.

Anyways, it was zoomed way out and you couldn't really see anything, I'm not a big fan of sprites in the first place but I can live with them.

I didn't find it funny, like at all. I don't know how I can tell you to improve that other than... sprites arn't funny. This isn't me bashing sprites but in my opinion it's a lot harder to make a sprite movie funny. Also, the fact that it was like... a Zelda fan fiction kinda thing probably played into it.

The animation was okay so I gave you a 2/5 which in hindsight was too generous. Good luck with the next one.

Deano-The-J responds:

Thanx for your generosity, and I'll take the sprite thing off my bio, promise.

The Nothing Flash The Nothing Flash

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty good, sound quality needs improvement.

Graphics: 6 Some of the graphics were really good like right at the start and a few other scenes but you could see at some parts you kind of got lazy with the drawing and animation.
Style: 6 At first I didn't think I'd like the flash just based on the name and the fact that must "nothing flashs" are really lame but this was pretty cool.
Sound: 4 Probably the most noticable problem was the sound quality, maybe you need a new mic or just need to redo the lines more till they're better but it could use some sprucing up.
Violence: 5 There was clearly SOME violence in there, suicide joke and the guy holding the gun to the fat chick's head.
Interactivity: 6 There were the basics in terms of buttons and you really didn't need any more but I always like lots of extra stuff like next scene buttons or scene selection, quality options, lots of stuff. It's good to add some of those sometimes even if you don't need them.
Humor: 6 For the most part it was pretty funny. Although I noticed the jokes kind of got worse as it went on.
Overall pretty good, keep it up.

FrozenSheep responds:

yeah, the last scene wasent that funny..